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Google Ads

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You might have heard about Google Ads which was earlier known as Google Adwords.

Back in 2005 I was very much curious about Google Adwords, and surfed about it on the internet and did some basic research.

I was really amazed to know how people implemented  Adwords on their websites to generate income in lakhs.

Inspired by this  I decide to look for a course on Google Adwords and came across a website from where I purchased this course for Rs.500.

But never implemented it as it was very difficult to understand the concept, I got bored, and kept it aside.

Now after so many years I did an Internship in Digital Marketing at DDIP and once again I got introduced to Adwords But now in the form of Google Ads.

Do you want to know bout how to create a Google ads account and how to implement it on your website?

I will explain it in a very simple language.

So be with me…

What is Google Ads?

Google Ad is a product of Google.

If you have a business or service and want to promote your website to gather more customers, which will ultimately lead to more revenue

then you must implement Google Ads on your website or on your customer’s website if you are an agency.

It is a very easy task to create a Google Ads account if you have a Google account (which everybody has nowadays).

Google Ads account is free and can be opened online.

Use of Google Ads Account

You can create an Ad campaign and run it across the internet as per your selected time, location,  customers of your choice, and that too on

the minimum budget which can be increased or decreased based on the response you get from the Ads.

Create Google Ads Account

To create a Google Ads account do the following steps.

  1. Login to your google account
  2. Click Google Apps(You will see all the google apps available)
  3. after you click google ads ( a new screen will open)
  4. Now click  on Get started on the right-hand upper corner,( a new screen will open)
  5. again click on the new google ads account. ( this will create your google ads account and will generate a 10 digit ID)

New Campaign

  1. A new page will appear Presentation1
  2. Note down your  10 digits google ads ID(xxx-xxx-xxxx) in the  up  right-hand corner.New page will open
  3. On this Page: What’s your main advertising goal (you will have four options, select the appropriate one), I selected  Get more website  sales     or sign-ups, click next
  4. Set up your campaign quickly by linking accounts,
  5. You will have two options Yes: if you have an earlier website or account, NO: select if you want to have a new account –Next
  6. New page: OK, give us your business name— Enter your business name
  7. Next page: Tell us where people go after they click your ad
    Enter the address of your landing page. (I will explain how to create a Landing page)
  8. A thanks page will come after some time. Click Next.
          New Page
  1. New Page: Improve the effectiveness of your ads by measuring what people do on your website. Click next
  2. On new page: Add pages and actions that you want to track– enter the page on your website and also the action you want people to do on the website such as Download, sign-in, etc.
  3. Then your page will become Active(Green dot next to active)–Next
  4. Again new page: Now it’s time to write your ad will appear, with all information filled by google.
  5. if you want you can add your phone number–Next
  6. New page: Keywords, all filled by google.–Next new page will open
  7. Up next, show your ad in the right places —- select India—Next. new page
  8.  Set a budget to get the results that you want— Select Enter your own budget (Initially I entered Rs.30, which can be changed later)–Next
  9. Review your campaign to be sure it’s right.
  10. Confirm payment info(you have to select the mode of payment, Minimum amount you can pay is Rs.500.)
  11. Congrats! You’re all done.

After you create your campaign  you have to create an Audience, Conversion,

The steps for these are as follows.


For creating conversion, A new page will open in google adds showing conversion

To create conversion

  1. Go to tools settings in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. select it and click the switch to expert mode.
  3. click tools setting once again — measurement—- conversion
  4. New window: Click + sign for a new conversion.
  5. You will go to start tracking conversion
  6. Click website
  7. New page..

Create conversion on your website page

  1. Category : select — page view
  2. Conversion name comes automatically
  3. Value: select use the same value for each conversion—-select Rs.1
  4. Count-Select–One
  5. Leave everything as it is
  6. Click create and continue

This will create conversion after you click

New page: You’ve created a conversion action. Now, set up the tag to add to your website

Tag Installation

  1. You have to install both the tags created in this step on your website or Landing page
  2. Select Install the Tag yourself  or Use a google tag manager
  3. In google site tag: select The global site tag isn’t installed on all your HTML pages(explained below)
  4. Then copy the text in the box and paste it on your page
  5. In Event snippet: select page load copy the text in the box and paste on your website page.(explained below)

Installation of Tag (Conversion code)WordPress website

  • Go to your word press website—login as admin—-HFCM—-Add new snippet—–enter snippet name—- leave everything as it is—– paste the tag and save
  • The same way pastes the event snippet on your website

Install Tag on pages not(Conversion code) on your website

  1. To install the conversion code on the landing page and thank you page if they are not on your website.
  2. Then in step 2 select the—- use tag manager option,
  3. you will get conversion id and conversion label
  4. Paste them on the required spaces on your landing and thank you page.
  5. For example, I used different landing pages and thankyou page from

Back to the google ads

6. click submit.

7.  you’ve set up your Page view .conversion action

8. Click done.

Google Tag Assistant

  1. Install google tag assistant from google to your chrome as an extension
  2. To check the conversion you have to enable google tag assistant on chrome.
  3. Then refresh the page
  4. Enable recording on tag manager and then refresh the page
  5. You will see the  recording at google tag manager

Back to Campaign

  • Select campaign—–Setting—- bidding—-Change bid strategy——-what do you want to focus on——select conversion.—–save.
  • Advanced setting—–conversion—–choose conversion action or the campaign—–select conversion action—-we selected page view(you select as per your conversion) —-click save

Creating Audience

  1. Click tool and settings—– Audience Manager—–click +(create new audience) —-website visitors—————-
  2. Give a name to the audience at segment name—-segment members select visitors to the page—- in visited page mention the url of your landing page.
  3. Prefill option—default
  4. Membership duration==540 days
  5. Create segment

Create first search ads

  • The campaign then New campaign, Select leads —- Search—Website visits (enter your landing page)—Continue
  • A new lead page will appear—Enter campaign name—Tick search network and display network
  • In advanced—Select country India—Language English
  • undern targeting Audience segment—location -India—Language- English
  • Audience segment —Browse and select the audience you have.
  • Budget as per your wish
  • Bidding: select conversion
  • In hide setting—Conversion—choose conversion action for the campaign(choose your campaign) (I selected page view)
  • Leave other settings as it is
  • Save and continue.
  • Add group name—-(main ad group)
  • Keyword(link of a landing page is shown by default)
  • Save and continue

Create Ads

  1. Enter the headline 1, 2, 3, 4 for your ads.
  2. add descriptions 1 and 2
  3. Save and continue
  4. Publish your campaign

Video Campaign

  1. Create Campaign—-Lead generation- —-Video campaign — continue
  2.  on create campaign screen— enter campaign name of your choice
  3. Enter budget
  4. Select language
  5. Additional setting—conversion—choose conversion action for this campaign — page view

By following the above steps you can create your Create Ads, Video Campaign, Conversion campaign.


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