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Is Digital marketing the future of marketing?

Digital Marketing

What is digital Marketing ?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a type of marketing that uses electronic devices such as computers, phones, tablets, or other devices

to convey promotion of products and Brands using various forms such as online videos, display ads, messaging and social media posts.

Benefits of Digital Marketing



Digital Marketing

1) A broad geographical reach:

Your online ad can be viewed across the globe in a wide range of geographical areas which helps to increase your customer reach.

2) Cost efficiency:

Despite wide geographical reach, the cost involved in digital marketing is low,

whereas the same ad can prove to be costlier in the traditional means such as TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, etc.

3) Measure the result:

In traditional marketing, you can never come to know whether your ad reached the desired audience or not.

But in digital marketing, you can find out, how many customers viewed your ad, what was the age of the customer, how many males or females viewed your ad.

4) Gather data:

It helps you to gather data such as username, age, gender, and e-mail address which is not possible in the offline mode of marketing.

5) Direct contact with the customer:

It also directly communicates with the customer sometimes live also,

you can even get the customer responses about your product immediately and understand the like and dislike about it from the customer

And this information can be used to upgrade the quality of the product.

6) Deep marketing:

You can communicate with each and every customer via email  and make him feel important about your caring for him and thus they become loyal to your brand,

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a good way to stay in continuous contact with your audience and convert them into your customer.

Personalization of the data focused on specific customers helps you to increase the market share of the company thus making it generate more revenue through sales.

Types of Digital Marketing

Broadly there are 7 categories in digital marketing.
1) SEO
2) Content marketing.
3) Affiliate marketing
4) Email marketing
5) Analytics
6) Social Media marketing
7) SEM

Now since you are aware of the 7 different categories let us discuss them.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):



SEO is the process used for improving more organic traffic and ranking of your site on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Now you can ask what’s mean by organic?

it means natural customers who come to your website as a result of search engines and that too without advertising.

Through SEO you can convince the search engines to suggest your content as the best solution to the problem of their users.

SEO is not a one-time process you have to keep your content updated by adding more information to it by using important keywords.

To be on top of search engines you have to create very high-quality content and then SEO will get more free traffic to your website.

If your website provides solutions to the problems of users then it will definitely rank on top for search engines and you don’t have to pay any

money for clicks.

2. Content Marketing:


Content is the core of marketing.

Content marketing is the strategic approach of creating consisting and important content which attracts the audience and helps them to solve their specific problems.

The traditional marketing concept of pitching the product to the customer is becoming less effective.

Instead, the so-called big brands such as Cisco, Microsoft, etc also started to focus on content marketing.

It is the fact that whatever type of marketing you use, quality content will always remain a part of all the marketing strategies,

whether it is SEO or pay per click.

Your content must communicate your perspective to the clients.

It must deliver the critical Information your buyers are searching for which will make their life easier,

and guide them step by step to overcome the problem they are facing.

Content marketing helps you build loyal and trusting relationships between your client and you, as a business.

3. Affiliate marketing:

computer with Affiliate Marketing


A marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

It is a popular strategy to generate online revenue which is beneficial to both brands and affiliate marketers.

The affiliate marketer promotes products of other people or companies and earns a commission on each sale they make.

In affiliate marketing at least three persons are required

1. Creator of the product or seller.
       2. The affiliate
       3. The customer

Affiliate marketing is the quick way of earning money without manufacturing and selling the products,

it is an easy method for those who want to increase their online income. it functions as a passive source to generate income online.

4. Email marketing:


Email Marketing

You get emails in your mailbox that promote some products or services, don’t you? that is what we call email marketing.

Email marketing is a very important marketing concept that is useful in both direct marketing and digital marketing,

you can use email marketing to promote the product or business, or service you are providing,

It also keeps your customer updated about the latest product or services you are offering.

It helps to build a better relationship with the viewers, you can send surveys, write an appreciation letter for buying the product or service from you.

It is the best way to start a conversation with your clients and best marketing tool to grow your business.

This gives your consumers a chance to provide valuable feedback about your products and allows them to get to know more about the person involved in the business.

5. Analytics:


Do you know that whenever you search about any product on the internet, you start getting ads of the same type of products,

Are you aware of how this happens and how the internet comes to know about our likes?

Let us understand this using marketing.

The concept of the Purchase funnel is used in Marketing. The funnel has different stages that inform us about customer interactions.

Stages of Purchase Funnel

The purchase funnel has the following stages

1) Acquisition= Building Awareness and acquiring viewer’s interest
2) Behaviour= engagement of the viewer with your business
3) Conversion=convert viewer into a customer.

It is very difficult to measure the above process in the offline market.

Whereas it can be acquired easily in the digital world using digital analytics, where the customer’s behavior

and what makes them purchase is observed and this data is used to acquire new customers and retain existing customers.


Let’s discuss this with an example of shirts

Consider you are having an online store and you sell shirts.

Using digital analytics, you can analyze your online advertising campaigns and decide which advertising is effective and has acquired more viewers.

You can further analyze the data and understand what number of shirts are sold the most and which color is liked most so that you maintain that stock.

Even going forward you can identify the geographical region which gives you more viewers and you can do more advertising in that specific region.

You can even get advanced information about customer behavior what problem he or she is facing during purchase on your website and rectify that problem.

6. Social Media Marketing (SMM):

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing uses social media to get connected with the viewers, inform them about products and services you are offering,

Increase your brand presence, drive traffic to your blog/website and ultimately increase your sales.

For social media marketing to be successful you should provide great content on your social media profiles and keep your followers engaged.

The content which you are writing should be specific for the media you choose to post,

It should fit the social media perfectly because some content posted on LinkedIn might not suitable for the mood of Facebook.

SMM helps increase brand recognition and engage with your audience and helps you to know more about your audience by allowing two-way


7. Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is the combination of both Paid advertising and Search Engine Optimization.

We know that in SEO the traffic is gained to our website without paying any money to search engines,

but in Paid advertising, we pay money to the search engines to get traffic to our website.

Pay per click (PPC) is the main part of SEM where the target audience can be decided on demographics

such as who can view our ads and become our audience based on various criteria such as age, gender, location, language, etc.

Various other SEMs are Display ads, video ads, shopping ads, social media ads.

Who is digital marketing for?

Digital Marketing is for Entrepreneurs who want to start their own business.

It is for Freelancers who can work individually on various projects.

DM is for those who want to earn extra money as a Side Hustle

Bloggers can use  Digital Marketing to can earn from Affiliate marketing and by AdSense.

Job seekers who want to get a well-paid job in Digital Marketing.

For the business that wants to promote their business globally.

We will discuss all this in detail in the future.

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