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Hi Friends

I am Sushilkumar aka digitalsushilk,

    I  will do digital marketing for you and provide you lead to grow your business, I will provide you consultation in various fields of digital marketing which will ultimately gather more paying customers for you. I have ran awareness campaign for customers to increase the awareness of their product among the masses and Lead generation campaign to increase their revenue in sales.

I am the best in digital marketing and will definitely help you to become best.

I have passion about digital marketing and acquired the skills about digital marketing, few of them are Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, SEO, Email marketing , Content marketing and many more.

My view is  that the smaller  to bigger business should have their business online so that he or she can reach global market, sell his /her product or service, earn by taking advantage of the global market.

you will find interesting topics about digital marketing , new entrepreneur and summary about the books I read on this blog.

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digitalsushilk is always available for knowledge sharing and teaching. If you want to chat about books and  digital marketing or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out